Change. Culture.

Passion, Ideas & Systemic Consulting

Digital Transformation

During the last decade, I have lived, loved & led change in media companies.

Now, I draw on these experiences to support publishers, radio, tv and online companies to shape their future.

I collaborate with an extensive network of partners, who excel in their fields -
from monetizing journalistic products to New Work or mindfulness.


Media Companies need fundamental change if they want to stay relevant in people´s lives and societies.


This change starts and ends with transforming company culture, substantially, from head to toes.


At the core of a change process lies communication: with those within a company as well as our users outside.

and change manager.

Advisor, Coach, Speaker, Workshop Lead and Lecturer

Project Lead Crossmedia News (German Public Service Broadcasting)

Founder NextNewsLab (for new forms and formats in news)

Reporter, Presenter & Foreign Correspondent UK


Transformation needs vision, a narrative, a direction: a common ground for arguing and deciding, for explaining and understanding.


I focus on people and teams,
roles and delegation. A company will be able to adapt fast if it trusts its employees to do the right thing.


Strategy, product development and journalism in general need constant dialogue with our users: They know many answers we are still looking for.

What I do

Supporting you
with a variety of
tools, methods & ideas
to get change going

Strategy & Process

Develop a consistent strategy for digital transformation, design the implementation processes and operationalise, involving people & driving communication.

Workflows & Systems

Rethink workflows and test results in pop-up newsrooms. New Work environments and change in Content Management Systems (CMS), royalty structures or rules & standards.

Product & Relationship

Purpose-driven product development - from Open Space formats to Design Thinking - and support to establish a constructive, durable relationship with audiences.

What I do

Let’s Talk About Change.

I am looking forward to hearing about your thoughts & challenges.

What else?

Host & Tech expert

TechTalk24 video and podcast host, expert & speaker on technology, digitalisation, the role social platforms in democratic societies & divers and independent journalism.

Mobile Reporting

Extensive knowledge and experience as coach and advisor for mobile reporting and implementing smartphone journalism in your newsroom.

Streaming & Studio Setup

Are you setting up your own home studio for professional video conferences? Or are you looking into setting up affordable live streaming solutions? I can help.