The Transformation Toolbox: What I learned leading a change project

Between 2017 and 2021 I led and designed a major change process. The challenge: We created a new home for a regional, public media brand, including new, redesigned newsrooms, new workflows, and with around 350 colleagues involved. We moved our information and news departments from two locations and from three buildings in order to work in crossmedia processes in the future. Our goal: to continue to reach people with news and background information despite the foreseeable decline in linear distribution – in the language, with the products, on the channels they use.

We started the process – and ideally we never want to end it. Nevertheless, looking back today, we learned a lot: We made good mistakes and some things we did right in the first place. Many colleagues have been involved in this process, and many have been available to offer advice and support – from outside as well as within the company.

Which tools, ideas and tricks – and which attitude helped us on this way? Some details are certainly specific to this change process. Others translate well to other companies or even industries. I have summarized my most important ones in the following paragraphs.

(The following headlines expand to short paragraphs.)